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Thursday, June 30, 2016

How to translate PDF files with SolidConverter

Are you impressed with the ability of Trados Studio to convert and translate PDF files. I am not surprised because it uses one of the best PDF converter under the hood (see the image below). The "engine" that is used by Trados comes from

The reason you would need to use Solid Converter is because some popular do not have built-in PDF conversion feature. Or even if you own Trados Studio you still may want to convert your PDF manually because you have choose various conversion options which are not available in Trados.

I have been using this tool long before it was integrated into Trados Studio. From my experience it's just the best tool for converting "clean" PDF files to various editable formats (MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, TXT and CSV).

After installing Solid Converter, you can open any clean PDF file by clicking on the round button (1), then choose the conversion mode (2) and choose the output format and click the convert button (3).

Alternatively, you can open any PDF file via context menu. Right click on any file and choose the follow command: